Are you warried and feel pressure about your canine behavior

A dog that always overreacts to other dogs, people or certain environmental stimuli is in a constant, negative state of expectation. He has no basic trust and wants to protect himself and drive away potential enemies with his barking, growling and loud defensive behavior.

Are you feeling pain

  • Do you love your dog, but walks only stress you out ?
  • Are you no longer looking forward to going out with your dog because you are afraid of encountering dogs and people to   whom he reacts so conspicuously?
  • Do you feel powerless because you don’t know how to help your dog?
  • Are you embarrassed by your dog’s behavior because  everyone around you notices when he overreacts?
  • Are you tired of having to hear again and again that you should “finally take tough action” because your dog is  “dancing in your face”?

Then you are exactly right here !

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  • Telephonic /online coaching
  • onsite training
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  • online workshop
  • Medical training
  • Dog Hotel

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Learn how you can help your dog finally overcome his fears and aggression towards certain stimuli. With joy and ease!

You will soon have achieved these goals with the help of our training

…for your dog: 

  • By learning to positively (re-)evaluate his environment, your dog will no longer have negative expectations. His aggression and fears will give way to relaxed , optimistic expectations. 
  • Your dog will develop deep trust and experience less stress in new situations. 
  • Your dog will feel strengthened in his bond with you and will trust you as a partner.
  •  He will approach walks and even unfamiliar situations with more and more joy and healthy curiosity.

  …to you:

  • You can enjoy walks with your dog again because you are more relaxed and know how you can have a positive effect on him.
  •  You will feel more confident when dealing with your dog and your doubts will gradually disappear.
  •  You no longer need to fear encounters with stimuli that overly excite your dog.
  •  You and your dog will form a harmonious team . 
  • You can rely on each other – and your dog knows it.

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